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Servicios 360
As part of our genuinely comprehensive service, we have built a unique and exclusive network of advertising raw material suppliers, with whom we have an outstanding partnership and together we have established customer-agency-supplier partnership processes that help make delivery more effective and improve the quality of materials.

This MIC area is born because some of our customers choose to deal with a single person, so we started to order extended services with physical deliverables, and it is thanks to this network that we are able to provide them with a very good quality service with perfect timing.

Amongst the services that we offer are:

Expo Booth Rent/Sale

If you decide to attend an "Expo", a commitment is being made by the company itself, and it is that you can not show up to a formal event by looking "less" than your competitors or industry colleagues, so we must build a struc-tured plan, a marketing campaign for that show that involves dynamics, forms of attraction, talent, process and marketing tools.

Of all these things to remember, one of the most important is the booth, and it is normal for us to see that business-es want to spend heavy amounts of money in the entry fee to the Expo and hold the checkbook while making the booth, so if we think it right, it is not so nice to pay too much to look bad. That said, it's not about spending exces-sively either, it's all about getting our spot to be competitive and differentiated from each other, making the desired impact on the guests and coming back triumphant from the event to get us to focus on selling. That way we also avoid the typical “those events are not worth it” and stop attending while our competitors are there year after year and acquire tens of customers in the events that we consider not worth it.

With MIC you can build your whole expo strategy and execute it at 100% or just contract only part of the services, reach out and five us the opportunity to build a proposal that will for sure bring the highest ROI on your event.
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