SEO en Monterrey – MIC – Mercadotecnia Inteligente Consultores

in Texas

We help you get your page on Google's top locations and other important search engines related to the industry's keywords which you belong.

This process has 3 levels and so we strongly suggest that you do it with us to obtain better results; level 1 was the one created through the same search engines for it to operate on a global level, that is to say, it is related to how the search engine works. Level 2 is the geographical tropicalization, i.e. it is limited through IP addresses and keywords to certain regions according to search patterns and criteria. Level 3 is the improvement in the process, which MIC has developed to achieve better positions in companies for any sector.

SEO usually goes along with Google AdWords "sponsored" campaigns, which we also manage. This is to make the optimization strategy truly comprehensive and over time succeed in dominating the search criteria.
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