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Packaging Design

in Texas

Brand development, creativity and satisfying the needs of the target audience is where success is born on a high percentage of occasions.

This commodity must include a package that helps it convey its advantages and differentiates itself in the shelf of its direct and indirect competitors.

MIC's experience working for businesses with mass delivery of goods has helped us create processes that meet: scale, shape, creativity, communication, graphic design, effects, purchasing motivators, and everything a packaging needs to be effective.

We believe that after such great efforts as development and manufacturing, the design of the packaging should not be overlooked.

At MIC we work on the whole process of designing the packaging or fractions thereof, always ready to the customer's need.

The different services we provide in this department are:

Mechanical Plane Development

The first and critical step in the process is the shape of the packaging and its manufacturing viability.

Package Creativity

It's not only about having an attractive package, but it's highly aesthetic and industry-friendly, creating "spot" in the shelf and catching the consumer's eye. That satisfies the consumer before opening it.

Content Strategy

A package is made up of many types of messages, which are continuously reviewed by new and loyal customers, so an effective communication strategy for this purpose is very critical.


The know of the norms (NOM and others) that are required for each product and package is very important, at MIC we give the service of investigation and generation of legal text that each package should contain.

Graphic Design

The design of the package which but forms, colors and schemes, achieves the proposed objective, we have developed more than 1,000 packages through our existence and the majority of the products for which we have worked, are still in the market with great success.


When a new package is generated and you don’t have the physical package yet, a render helps us to visualize it from all the perspectives, helping to the decision making process and the commercial planning and marketing of it.


When we want to catalog our product in a chain or with a distributor, it is very common that what the buyer wants to have in their hands is a sample of the product, that is why we have developed building techniques of dummies that will help achieve that objective.
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