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Where is your company located in the digital world?
That sensation of not being up to date or not competing in the world of digital marketing is causing havoc amounts many businesses.
Also, a sort of epidemic of low knowledge companies, poor ethics and a horrible customer service is beginning to arise in the marketing industry. Bad service, bad information, poor execution?...we feel you!!
That is why we have created efficient processes that deliver the highest level of return through our diverse digital catalog of services, that we present to you!


We know that what you want (and need) is for your website to generate leads, generate sales, become as successful as any other, that's why we give you different and advanced processes to achieve this. You decide the size of your project, the size of your budget without putting at risk the effectiveness of your page.

At MIC we have processes to get YOUR WEBSITE to gradually rank in Google's best positions and eventually stop paying for an Adwords!

What it the best language to program WEB pages?
There are several, but at the end the ideal is that all is delivered in HTML with the exception of the catalog, buy, cart, etc.

How good are prebuilt platforms like Wix or Godaddy?
They work “ok”, because the optimization is not done on the basis of the needs of your company, but worst of all, they control everything!! You don’t have a quality product and at the end, you are at the mercy of corporate!

Is it worth for my page to be done in Wordpress or similar?
No!! It can work for some sections, but for the architecture of your web page should not be different than HTML.

What is more important, content or aesthetics?
Content…content is king!

5 steps to build an efficient web page:

1. Identify the market and key words that may be used to look for products or services that we offer.

2. Generate and architecture of content and navigation that adequate to the previous point.

3. Elect the most relevant information and develop them into complete texts so search is made easier.
4. Develop the graphic design that will be the face of our page. The prettier the better, but we can not forget that the UX is the most important.

5. Program the pages in the correct languages so that it can position in the adequate search engines.

The 6 most common questions:

1.- Why should I invest in Google Ads?
You should have in mind that almost certainly your competitors are already doing it, because more companies are adding to the digital media, and for most this is their only channel of communication, so...don’t be left out!!

2.- How much is Google Ads?
The Google Ads platform is free, you can go in without having to spend a single dime. However, to generate campaign you will have to invest directly with Google. At MIC we can protect you against fraud, you decide how much you want to invest, and your payments are generated directly to Google.

3.- How much should I invest in a campaign?
It will depend on how many campaigns and ads you want to position. However the investment normally is around $150 dollars but could go up to thousands or millions, it will depend on what your objective will be.
4.- How much is the minimum I can invest in a campaign?
We need to clarify that Google Ads offers different payment alternatives, through strategies such as, PPC, CTR, etc. The minimum budget that the platform asks for is $3 a day, you will decide how many times you will appear.

5.- Can I program my own ad?
Yes!! The platform is so integrated that it allows you to create your own campaign, with your own keywords and your payment schedule, time schedules and objectives for your campaign.

6.- Is it true that with Google Ads I will sell more?
In theory the platform will help you better your marketing campaigns and strategies. It is an excellent tool to help your ROI.

Feel like an expert when you talk about Google Ads

- PPC: Pay per Click and it is obtained with the following formula: CPC=Total Cost/Number of Clicks, for example, if you invest $100 in total and you obtained 50 clicks with that investment, then your CPC rates is $2.

- CPM: Cost Per Thousand and it is obtained with the following formula: CPM=(Total Cost/(Impressions/1,000)), for example if you got a total of 300,000 impression and the cost of the campaign was $20,000, then your CPM is $66.67.

- CTR: Click Thru Rate or click rate. This is a metric that determines the interest or relevancy that your ads have for the users that are seeing them, the higher your CTR the more relevant is your campaign.
- Conversion Rate: The conversion rate is one of the most important rates when we talk about digital marketing. This metric defines the rate at which a user converts.

- CPV:. Cost per visualization. This indicator defines the cost of each visualization generated by ads in video format.

- ROI: Return no Investment. It is not an indicator that is exclusively used in digital marketing, this metric is used to measure the profitability of the efforts that are done in this area.

If your customers don’t know you enough... Be more social!!
The objective to use social media for a commercial strategy is to generate engagement or interaction with you client and your brand. In this way you will obtain loyalty that you can reward, so that the relationship with your followers is lasting and translates into sales and profit for your business.

Why are social media channels important for business?
Many businesses try to make themselves known in the most comprehensive way possible, i.e. by targeting all the media. Today, companies have the great benefit of social networking, which lets them spread the word everywhere in the world and in some cases without the need for any investment.

And if you're amongst those who assume that social networking is mere leisure ...
you're wrong, today, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, amongst others, are the people's main source of information.

How can we take advantage?
For MIC, the aesthetics and functional go hand in had, because for us creating quality content is an easy task and attract users while maintaining loyalty will always be the reward for a job well done.

Why advertise on social media?
Because in this manner you will use a resource that is innovative and that it will help to reach more people, besides, more than 85% of the population interacts daily on social media.

The most important factors to consider:
- If you are B2B of B2C.
- If you sell products or services.
- If you are small or big.
- If your potential market is age younger or older and their acquisition power.

“The best idea here is to always reach out to an expert”

5 things to know about social media in business

1. Today, they are the number one source of information in the world.
2. If you create a page and you want to have more sponsors, there will always be an option thru sponsorships to grow your followers.
3. The content with quality generates more loyalty to the brand.

4. Not all industries need social media, some are focused in very specific markets that are hard to reach thru these channels.
5. Your customer must know that you still exist. It is important to post minimum 3 times a week so that you don’t disappear from the map.

Study based on millions of users

Did you know...? That MIC has more than 100 words positioned in the most successful platform of all, Google and totally in an organic way, as a matter of fact, maybe that is how you got here.

How did we do it?
We have extremely capable programmers that with the help of commercial strategies they can develop websites that, thru SEO they achieve a prefect architecture, programming and coding within the site, with the objective to generate as much a visual impact and relevancy on the search engine.

What is SEO and how does it work?
You have probably heard it a lot of times, but here we will try and explain it the best way we can. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the only option to attract organic traffic to your web page and the way to create a robust page, understandable and adaptable to what the search engine requires.

And it works like this...
Let’s imagine a book store, Ana works there, she is the manager of the store. Rose is a client, that, like every week, she spends her free time reading a new book. Rose frequents the book store a lot, and normally Ana helps her with her inquiries, but like hers, Ana has many other inquiries per day.

So that Ana can solve Rose’s and every other customer need, she must know the content of every book that she sells, so that, when Rose comes in and asks for one book without knowing the title, Ana can deliver what she is looking for.

And exactly like that, Google is like to book store, your company is like to book Rosa wants Ana is the search engine and Rosa is your client searching for you on the web.

But, what would happen if one of those books had pages left in blank or a blurry title?
Exactly!!! Ana would be incapable of recognizing which book is the one that Ana is looking for!! That is why the importance that your site has the correct content, digital strategies, SEO.

FAQ´s about SEO

- Why is SEO necessary?

LThe majority of the web surfers only click to first results of the first page, about 43% of these, don’t click ads, they only click on organic ads. Also, i your page is well positioned, you will have prestige in the market compared with your competitors.

- Why some results appear before others?
Google bots track a site easily when such site contains Google’s protocols, so, before they track the first than the ones that don’t contain SEO.

Google Search Example

What is hosting?
Hosting is an internet service that stores information in the World Wide Web.

In other is the system that maintains your web site on the web, without hosting, your site would not have anyplace to live on the web.

At MIC we have hosting services that can securely provide a home to your web page, with ample capacity of storage plus we have the best prices in the market.

What is the difference between hosting and domain?
When we talk about hosting we are referring to the space in where you store all the information of your website, when we talk about domain, it is the name that you assign to your web page so that users can find you with relative ease and access your content.

5 reasons of
why you need hosting

1. Maintains your website in a secure platform.
2. You have the option to create emails.
3. You choose the space that you want to give your services.
4. Safeguards your domain.
5. You will have an admin system to maintain your domain in an active form thru alerts.

The new and sophisticated sales channel for business.

Do you have an app?
Mobile apps or apps as they are more commonly known, are software programs that usually are installed in a phone or tablet.

The apps are commonly used and depending on the industry of the company, as a new and innovative way to promote sales, they can maximize commercial strategies as they are easier to use for your customers.

Why and app and not a web page?
It is important to analyze the market, know the type of user we are trying to reach and of course, look at our competitors, This way we will know if using app is the best alternative for our business.

How can an app help me?
- Restaurant Business: Food to go, menu visualization, etc.
- Entertainment and Art Business: Music, event, social news, etc.
- Fashion Business: On lines sales, catalog visualization.
- Administrative Solutions: Internal operating platform.

At MIC, our 16 years of experience almost guarantee to our customers the quality of our processes that software development require.

5 Steps to develop an app:
1. Build the idea.
2. Define the functionalit..
3. Name and graphic aspect definition.
4. Key programming.
5. Design of the promotion strategy.


- How much does it cost to develop an app?
The price depends on the functionality of the app that your project will require, also the language of programming that will be needed.

- How do I make my app workable in both Android and iOS platforms?
They correct way is to create an app for each platform. The correct language for a native app normally is JAVA and SWIFT, however, there are other ways of programming such as IONIC that is normally used to combine both languages of programming.

Generally when we think about a website we question ourselves:

What is a domain and why would I need one?

What is a domain and what’s its functionality?
Domains are the principal words in which our registry appears on the internet, normally accompanied by an extension (.com, .org, etc.)

It’s the words that define the name of your business on the web and the link that once you click, your webpage will show.

And what is a domain strategy?
The domain strategy is the purchase of a series of domains related between them and with one common goal: to hyperlink to only one, with the intent to be found with greater ease on the web before others.

It is like the law of probability and its rule of addition.

Between product A and B, the one that has the most individual occurrences will be the one to have the biggest probability of occurring according to statistics.

In the same way your domain strategy will work, the bigger the number of domains on the web, the bigger the possibility that the search engines will choose your domain before anyone else.

How do I know a domain is free to register?
There are certain platforms on the web that can help to search to see if a domain is “free” to use, just by going into the them and searching the name you could search and register your web site.

Why do domains vary so much in price?
In reality the domains don’t vary in price, it is rather that you pay different services when you acquire them. Companies such as Godaddy offer them very affordable, but what they want is to have you captive and that you only consume their services when you start increasing your investment.

Find your domain:

The 5 big companies that use a domain strategy

Every business has a specific audience or segment already defined.

Some of them are very hard to track, others, simply with past practices it could be done.

What is emailing?
The emailing strategy is to send a single email to a massive list of recipients, like its name states.

Most of the companies that use this method as a commercial strategy they do it as a secondary tool, to complement other strategies.

Without a doubt, the emailing strategy will help you to be on the incoming tray of everyone.

One of the biggest questions after we make several attempts at emailing is:

Why are my emails not being read?

Maybe your target opened the email without reading it, or maybe worst, deleted after a simple view of it..

This happens when the strategy is not well established, i.e. we use a banner with no visual relation for our customers. The visual aspect is very important for this form of advertisement, which, well, is very boring for those getting hundreds of mails a day. It is important to be noticed inside the excess mail of our customers and for this we must attract your attention with suitable and elegant graphics and content of our brand.

5 key elements for email marketing

1. Own an email account.
2. Minimum database of 2,000 email addresses. At MIC we pride ourselves in having more than 4,000,000 email addresses.
3. Email content and eye catching graphic design.
4. Best banner size for email marketing
5. Implement campaign at least twice a month

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