marketing consulting in texas – MIC – Mercadotecnia Inteligente Consultores

in Texas

The perspective and the visualization of our problems and questions from within and from outside will never be the same.

External consulting, by experienced people who have faced a particular mix of circumstances in different sectors, is a highly cost-effective approach for companies in points of breakdown, transition and growth.

The experience that MIC has gained in thousands of projects for local, regional, national, international and transnational companies integrates characteristics of value in their specialists for the companies who employ us to enhance the understanding of a need by turning it into solutions that are often not as complicated as could be perceived.

Since it is a service available for different situations, these can´t be defined with a title and by means of well-established processes, however below is a list of some recurring services:
  • Diagnostics.
  • Marketing Plan.
  • ATL, BTL and trade marketing strategy.
  • Internal marketing.
  • Marketing Logistics.
  • Consumer behavior.
  • Purchase process.
  • Promotion and admin of promotion.
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