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Who are we

Established in 2003 by entrepreneurs, MIC is one of the very few integrated marketing agencies that uphold the highest standards of reliability and quality along with the high efficiency of delivery times while maintaining a rational pricing strategy that does not preclude the agency from being fully interdisciplinary.

Control growth and smart infrastructure investment, combined with a "no luxury" philosophy, have enabled us to stab our competitiveness at the same level as large organizations, which are considerably more costly due to their shape and work structure. MIC is close to "re-inventing the wheel" in marketing: Excel in service at fair and competitive rates.

In 2013 MIC opened a branch in the United States through which we were able to combine services for US customers doing business in both countries; Mexico and the United States, and Mexican customers doing business in Mexico and the United States. With this new frontier, we were able to deliver services in Mexico with interdisciplinary processes that benefited consumers in both countries.

MIC is the best option for small, medium and large-sized businesses, having a satisfaction index of more than 95%, MIC is one of the safest choices in the marketing services industry.


    "Mexican business, specialized in creative and efficient marketing for any company"

    - MIC is a proud Mexican company dedicated to, and specializing in, each marketing area and the know-how to integrate all tools to achieve efficiency and successful results.

    - All of this with the goal of implementing best practices and methodologies in the marketing and advertisement fields, being pioneers in visualizing the future and innovators in conceptualizing the needs.

    - The planet is our target market, but you are the one nearest to us, as our roles are directed at new businesses with aspirations to expand and be competitive, growing businesses that want to do this in a bold and efficient way, and large businesses that want to maintain or simply be the best.


    “To achieve highest level of excellence in strategy, intellect, consulting and marketing”

    - To integrate ourselves as the excellence in strategy, intelligence, consulting and marketing, becoming increasingly successful and encouraging our customers to invest their money correctly.

    - With this vision, we intend to achieve the following objectives:

    • Be the leaders in Intelligent Marketing for the Hispanic multicultural community.
    • To be profitable in such an attractive way for our partners, employees and customers.
    • Generate employment and highlight the name of Mexico.
    • Generate investment in our communities.
    • Help with massive education of Marketing and its benefits.

Our values

    “Empathy, honesty, trust, integrity, justice and kindness”

    - Empathy: To listen to and understand our customers’ needs in order to serve them better, in the most friendly way and deliver results in a timely manner.

    - Customer focus: Escuchar y entender las necesidades de nuestros clientes para así poder servirles mejor, de la manera más amable y en los tiempos requeridos.

    - Trust: Protect the information of our customers and staff to build greater trust.

    - Integrity, justice and kindness: So that the partnerships in process always have a strong foundation.
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