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MIC Research is The MIC Group's market research department, where we have carried out more than 500 research projects and built basic methodologies to make it accessible to our clients, and of course we also do custom-made projects.

For MIC, research is the base for the generation of non-educational knowledge, the search for answers that will ena-ble us to understand, comprehend and be symbiotic with our market and the world around it, it is to maximize protec-tion and reduce risks, it is to take the blindfold off and be able to see beyond, be free, be capable, it is marketing with its touch of purity, it is to build the foundation and review old strategies, it is information that generates value and profit.

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Why are market research studies important?

10 main reasons:

1. The wheel has already been invented!! It’s not magic, but maximizes your chances of success and minimizes risks.
2. It supports the executive decisions at all levels.
3. Avoid rumor-based conversations or assumptions, and the wear (emotional, equipment, time) caused by them.
4. Gives empowerment to the company's key positions, streamlining processes and more adequately distributing the loads.
5. Gives straightforward guides to the leaders. It orients them toward the future, not the past.
6. We offer guidance; where we are, how they see us, our brand(s), the market, our customers, our processes. They keep us focused.
7. It is part of "doing things right" in commercial and development processes (innovation, production, launching).
8. Because it's critical for our customers to be listened to and see improvements for better service(B2B and B2C).
9. It’s an alarm: it warns us, it alerts us, it gives us time to respond, it makes us more competitive and less vulnerable.
10. There may be goods our customer is expecting from us and we don't offer them, or there may be markets that want our product and we don't sell them.

Why choose MIC?

The vast majority of research agencies do as they are told to do, MIC diagnosis, thinks, exists in the consumer relation-ship. MIC does whatever it takes.

Being an integrated company, directed by interdisciplinary specialists, and with a commercial approach like few agen-cies in the world, it succeeds in carrying out market research efficiently and with greater emphasis, making us more competitive.

At MIC we know the formulas, we know how to use the most sophisticated software, we understand multi variant analysis and matrix graphics, but at the end, we keep it simple, the important thing is that the client receives the in-formation as digested as possible to facilitate the decisions.

Because we are a process-based organization that has proven successful, and market research needs faithful follow-up to processes making our team highly capable.

Because we are reasonable with the value of things, there are many businesses that charge a lot more than the actual value of things with the excuse of being a "larger company " while others charge really low with the excuse of being "competitive", running the risk of not knowing how to do things.

Because our combination of expertise in various markets, sectors, research methods, services, types and customer sizes makes us unique, making us tailor-made for every customer.

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