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Graphic Design
in texas

In addition to the expertise and innovation applied in our design works, we have managed to develop linear visual communication strategies that go straight to the target, placing the clarification and delivery of the message before the excessive imagination, which sometimes loses impact and effectiveness when trying to find differentiation.

Our design team is led by professional and career designers, specialists in quick transmission through designs that fulfill project requirements, in addition to their extensive expertise in the management and graphic appreciation of the brands they work with.

Amongst the services that this department offers are:

Brochures all around

We develop brochures build to client’s specifications, needs and budgets. We analyze the objectives in tandem with the costs of print and buildup to efficiently execute the project. We maximize the impact of the printing tools, that are still being used very effectively.


Manuals are a tool of extreme importance to the internal process of the companies and they need to be developed with structure, communication, education, graphic design, editorial and code for their adequate read and comprehension. Such documents should be support material for training seminars, but also could work as self-study material, which represents a challenge in their development and, as much as possible, it is recommended to search for an interdisciplinary team that achieves these objectives.


When reports are needed to be presented in a formal way, it should be avoided at all costs to develop them in traditional forms of text manipulation. Our form of development in the design of these reports contemplate everything from the smallest details in the document, making it professional and worthy of certification and make readable to associates, clients, auditors and others.

Product Catalog

At MIC we have gained knowledge on the use of communication techniques such as iconography, colorimetry methods, suggested use images and appropriate graphic design based on identity and industry, from which we can show the client the variety of goods or services that we have in an attractive manner. Traditional product catalogs are typically lengthy, repetitive and highly technical, and while some of the features will prevail, we can make your catalog more versatile and more impactful.

Iconography and Signage

A common way to easily communicate services, signs, departments, routes, signals and so on for companies is through this service, which, when well done, also helps to promote identification and sense of belonging to the company's employees.


A proper handling of the point of sale is the difference between product turnover and inventory, MIC has expertise with organizations of all sizes with conventional and modern platforms.


Designs of independent signs that are not part of an integral campaign, i.e. local directory of magazine, or an adaptation or application of announcements of campaigns already executed that need additional tools.


A form of design that has picked up steam in recent years, because it has been able to communicate in a colorful, fun, fast and effective way with high connectivity to the identity of the brand. This applies practically to any visual tool.
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