Emailing en Monterrey – MIC – Mercadotecnia Inteligente Consultores

in Texas

The very famous so-called "SPAM" are productive in every respect. "They don't reach the front tray," "wipe them away before you open," "no one sees them," etc. Many of the resistance phrases to this service are true ... to some extent, the key is to generate a well-directed campaign, with attractive communication, high graphic impacts and an efficient, reliable and indeed massive delivery, estimated to be about 1% of those who receive the emails. Now, considering that 1% base, what do you think about sending half a million mails? or perhaps two million? looks different already, doesn't it?

With MIC you will have comprehensive solutions in campaign design, database, delivery software, delivery completion, delivery guarantee and maximization of success opportunities, in addition to the fact that as a medium it is a low investment option.
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