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The vast majority of organizations, large and small, have overlooked the principles and importance of communication, failing in the most important of the responses ... What do I want to communicate?

MIC has recovered concepts from the old school and integrated them into the latest production and launching methods, paying particular attention to the message that YOUR business and YOUR product want to offer to YOUR target audience.

Avoiding flaws in that direction is vital for the stability, growth, and popularity of brands, both old and new, within interest markets. The method, besides the WHAT, involves the HOW to say it, WHO I'm saying it to, and WHICH are the distribution channels used to achieve all the goals.


Either in combination with market research or with simplicity through practical methods, we can define and segment the objective markets with precision, which helps cement the communication.


From slogans to articles, we develop texts and phrases that identify with the markets and brands, the relate them and intertwine them, achieving and affinity that would be difficult to obtain without the correct process.


The pre-production on these types of services is 80% of their success, an adequate body applied to the adequate idea should derive in powerful scripts that will guide us through the rest of the project, being the fundamental operative that will ensure that nothing is too much or too little.


It is very common that corporate and sales presentations are generated from within the company, and even though the people of the company are the ones that have the knowledge for these presentation, for best results the final production, in form and content, should be left to a specialized communications company. At MIC we develop from the basics of the presentation to the final phase and product when we combine this service with graphic design.


We generate translations thru technicians, specialized translators and native language speakers to achieve best results.

Communications Strategy

We build the internal and external communications strategies of the company, giving them personality and identity that goes with everything the company has to tell, customers, shareholders, directors, employees, vendors and any other end user.

Content Development

It is very common that when a project is developed and it has very abundant content, such as a catalog, a report, a web page and other, the content is minimal or poor. The information era demands that we be vast in providing specifics about our programs, companies or goals, so content creation is critical not only in terms of quantity, but also in terms of how it is done.
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