Branding in Texas – MIC – Mercadotecnia Inteligente Consultores

in Texas

We build, intervene, refresh, revive and correct brands with established techniques and streamlined processes that help reduce risks and offer our projects more strength and identity.

The experience of working with more than 50 major brands has made us trustworthy experts in this field since birth and during the cycle of brand development and maturity.

It is the cornerstone of all subsequent marketing, communication and advertisement activities, and the pillars of brands.

Amongst the specific services we offer in this department are:

Brand Creation

Via market research techniques, competitive analysis, memorability, phonetic aesthetics and registration viability and domain availability, the names generated by MIC, whether for companies or products, are often of high impact and a desirable future.

Logo Creation

With advanced graphic processes and a human team with high capacities and experience, we are able to create logos with direct impact forms to the target market in the correct industry.

Re-design of Logos

No matter how good a logo is designed, the technology and advertising aesthetics requires a revamp sooner or later, it is important to select for this phase someone who knows the “how to” without putting at risk the successes that this brand has had through time.

Brand Identity Manual

The logo is just the initial part of the development of the brand, however, the most important document to develop a correct brand architecture is the brand identity manual. At MIC we have developed numerous manuals where we have been able to capture the personality, the future, the process and assure the correct management and use of the brand.

Corporate Stationery

When you don’t have a big enough budget or you develop a sub brand, normally you develop, in a lower scale, a basic papers manual, that complies with the fundamentals to project a coherent identity.


Thru the process of the standardization of communication, we have developed basic newsletters that help our customers generate valuable and constant information for their end customers, this is an easy and adequate tool.

Aligned Identity

It is normal for us to see brands that have evolved in an unorganized way over time, and we have a service that helps little by little to integrate all facets of the brand without getting lost in the process.

Brand Registry

We also have the service of registry of name and logo, that together form the brand, protecting the efforts and investments of our clients in such brands.
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