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Creativity — yes. Yet what happens to the advertising objectives? Positioning, differentiation, motivation, need formation, solutions.

All of these must be included in the overall advertising plan that will carry the business to different levels.

Adequate preparation is the first phase and the most difficult is proper execution.

At MIC you will find a facilitator throughout the entire process, not only will we work efficiently and intensely, we will accompany you across your ventures, you will feel valued and we will take care of your interests to achieve brand, business, demand and sales growth.

Creativity and Concept

Ideas should be born from insightful backing. MIC carries out an ample preliminary research to generate ideas so then, through proven processes, create guiding concepts from which full advertising campaigns of all sizes can be developed.


The secret to a successful campaign is not to fail in any step, and the first is to decide what message we want to communicate and to whom. This is done in collaboration with our clients to be coordinated and prepared, once it's established, the innovative part comes. How am I going to get the message through to that market? Developing main words, phrases and editorials is what we would do for you to take the major step towards a productive campaign.

Campaign Strategy

A campaign, independently of the objectives and the industry, it has to contemplate a very important trident to maximize its potential: budget, market and media. That is, what channels could I use to get to targeted audience? And after that, what is the best financial distribution and frequency to obtain it based on my budget? Do not pick up the phone and call every media that you think will work, that is only what you think and they will tell you they are the best. MIC will develop an ideal strategy for you and we know what are the adequate amounts to invest for each strategy.

Planning and Execution

Once the strategy is established, we will develop a plan to define which channels will be used, but more importantly, the hiring (from negotiation up to the legal part) and execution (that it is the adequate one and the promised one) we will do along with you, these are tough and vital steps to obtain the exposure that is needed.


Here is where we execute the strategies that are being developed by the guiding principle, the communication and campaign strategy, as simple or complex as the campaign is needed, we execute campaigns that are aligned with the objectives. We can also create independent announcements when an integral campaign is in mind..

Media Watch

Through traditional monitoring we assure that the channels are adhering to what was contracted with them.

Marketing Campaigns

Integrated marketing campaigns that go from 0 to 100, from creativity to monitoring.
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