Administración de Redes Sociales en Monterrey – MIC – Mercadotecnia Inteligente Consultores

Social Media Management
in Texas

Social networks are the most drastic impact digital communication has endured, starting with Facebook and going through many others who are becoming stronger and stronger in different niches, including Twitter, Instagram , Pinterest, Google+, Youtube , LinkedIn and Vimeo amongst other.

Social networking is a two-edged weapon and must be handled very carefully, which is why we specialize in managing them (to learn more about how to evaluate social networks click here to read a short story, which makes it pretty clear who should do it and how click here)

Not all businesses apply for all social networks, but you can not ignore the impact they are having on your consumer, but the worst mistake you can make is to try to generate and manage networks with one person from within the company.

In addition to the know-how we have in social media management, MIC brings creative copywriters, designers and communication professionals into the processes of content creation and network strategies, which makes us different than all other digital agencies and making us an excellent choice for companies of any sizes and besides ... we are cost effective!
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